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Introducing The Zilker Trail Digital Product Development Life Cycle

Updated: Apr 23

Zilker Trail founder Brian Cahak draws inspiration from the success of Formula 1 and Toyota to introduce a comprehensive operating system for the digital product lifecycle. This system helps address the four key questions executives must ask to drive sustainable digital growth:

  • Who are our best customers?

  • How and where do they struggle the most?

  • Are our new solutions better than the baseline?

  • Do we have the right speed and agility for the next decade?

What do Formula 1 and the Toyota Production System have to do with Digital Growth? They serve as proof that, with the right process and some teamwork, astonishing metrics can be attained.

Brian also shares insights on:

  • Identifying your most valuable customers and understanding their pain points

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your new digital solutions compared to industry benchmarks

  • Ensuring your organization has the flexibility and responsiveness to adapt to evolving market demands

Tune in to the first half of the video below to watch Brian discuss his inspiration for building an Operating System for the Digital Product Development Life Cycle, and why it can work for you.

There are three layers to a product development lifecycle that every company should adopt.

  • Ensuring the teams have the necessary skills and capabilities to execute the work effectively

  • Developing a common, cross-functional framework to orchestrate the work seamlessly across teams

  • Establishing a foundation for change management where all groups (not just some) can continuously improve, adapt, and grow together

In the second half of the video below, Brian dives into the operating model and discusses how it can help your organization enhance cross-functional coordination, accelerate innovation, and position your digital offerings for long-term success.

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