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Product Development Life Cycle - Design

Updated: Apr 26

In Phase Three of the Zilker Trail Product Development Life Cycle, the goal is to create design concepts and prototypes of the items chosen in the Prioritization Stage.

One person or team (typically a Product Designer or UX Designer) takes the lead in this phase. Our process encompasses the typical design tasks, but adds in two critical quality checks to ensure that the solution designed will result in a material improvement over the baseline (what is currently in place).

The first check, Concept Desirability Score, is done at the wireframe or conceptual stage, and is a validation that the concept is actually desirable by your consumers. This score is calculated through a light usability heuristic. Once it is determined that the concept is ready, we move to the next quality check. The Concept Desirability Score is an absolute score. It is not scored against your current design.

Once a design is ready, the Design Quality Score will be calculated. This check is a relative score against your current design in market. This score measures whether the new design is materially better than what is in flight today.

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