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Product Development Life Cycle - Prioritization

Updated: Apr 26

In Phase Two of the Zilker Trail Product Development Life Cycle, the goal is to prioritize the opportunities from the Analytics and Insights phase.

One person or team (typically a Product Manager or Strategist) is typically responsible in this phase, and will ultimately decide what is actually going to be built, why it is going to be built, and determine the value generated from building it.

This work is done by reviewing all of the insights, problems, and hypothetical solutions and developing a catalog of all items of what could be built. But how do you determine what should be built? It is important to develop a methodology that makes sense for your business. At Zilker Trail, we recommend the RICE (Research, Impact, Confidence, Effort) framework, but we encourage clients to adapt this framework to their particular business needs. The most critical aspect of this phase is to have an agreed-upon and consistent prioritization framework.

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