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Tips to Maximize Success When Introducing New Tools

Updated: Apr 2

In Part 2 of our SXSW 2024 recap, Zilker Trail Founder Brian Cahak shares recommendations for companies looking to optimize their success when introducing new tools and technologies.

These recommendations include:

- Setting clear objectives for the tool

- Identifying key questions that the tool can help answer

- Ensuring stakeholders receive clear communication about the product’s value

- Celebrating achievements and milestones collectively to maintain enthusiasm

Brian also introduces his "Hall of Justice" concept. A "Hall of Justice" includes business leaders around the company. Bringing these leaders together for a workshop to discuss which business questions are critical for a tool to answer helps focus resources on building outputs to answer these questions, and get leaders excited about the tool and what it can offer. Building this excitement early, and celebrating early wins, can be key in ensuring that a new tool provides value for a company versus sitting on a shelf.

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