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Trends in AI, Continuous Improvement and Data Democratization

Updated: Apr 2

AI. Continuous Improvement. Democratizing Analytics Data. All are important topics that business leaders were talking about at the 2024 QuantumLEAP conference in March.

In this interview, Director of Growth Strategy Erik Sheehan gives his thoughts on all three topics.

On the topic of AI, Quantum Metric announced a new AI product named "Felix" at the conference. The goal is to utilize AI to boost efficiency, allowing teams to focus more on fixing problems instead of going through mountains of data to identify them. This will free up resources to be more strategic, but what will that mean for entry-level employee training? How will our future leaders learn how to identify problems?

Regarding Continuous Improvement, Erik talks about how tools have evolved to help companies quickly identify areas for improvement, marrying data with session replay to allow for rapid product improvement. But how do companies address the needs for continuous improvement against requirements for tech stack speed and stability?

The interview then moves to data democratization. Erik discusses how increasing access to data across companies will improve efficiency while eliminating churn and confusion.

Watch the video below to get insights on how best in class companies are actually using AI today, how organizations are balancing continuous improvement with the challenges of platform stability, and how wider access to consistent sources of data aligns goals, enhances decision-making, and ultimately improves the customer experience.

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