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Unlocking Innovation: Experimentation Beyond Testing

Experimentation—the very word conjures up images of lab coats, beakers, and late-night hypotheses. For businesses, it’s often seen as a labyrinth of complexity, a costly venture that requires meticulous planning and execution. But what if I told you that experimentation doesn’t have to be a headache? What if there’s a way to embrace its spirit without traditional testing?

Keith Swiderski, our Experimentation Lead, sheds light on this paradox. In a recent video, he challenged the status quo, urging companies to think beyond the confines of A/B tests and statistical significance. Here’s the secret: experimentation isn’t just about testing—it’s about mindset.

Google Optimize may be waving goodbye, but that’s no reason to abandon experimentation. Creating an experimentation culture isn’t rocket science—it’s behavioral science.

Start by:

  • Leadership Buy-In: Leaders set the tone. When they champion experimentation, teams follow suit.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Break silos. Marketing, product, and engineering collaborate to design experiments that span the customer journey.

  • Celebrate Learning: Whether it’s a win or a “not-quite-yet,” celebrate insights. Learning fuels progress.

So, why bother with experimentation? Because it’s the heartbeat of innovation. It’s the spark that ignites breakthroughs. And when you’re ready to embark on this scientific adventure, remember: We’re here to guide you. Reach out. Let’s experiment together.

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