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Meet The Team

We have done it all and seen it all. We have worked at large companies and full-service consultancies, leading digital product transformation for some of the most well-known brands in the world. 

Because we’ve walked in your shoes, we know what it takes to reach the summit. We’re committed to building services that fit your needs and are focused on consistent and durable KPI growth. 

We’re Innovators. Strategists. Builders. Operators.

Every organization is familiar with the various functional areas within its structure. It's common knowledge. However, consider this: when was the last time all these teams worked in harmony, sharing the same objectives, employing the same methodology, and measuring success with the same KPIs? When such alignment occurs, it's nothing short of transformative.

As former business leaders and operators ourselves, we walk alongside you—teaching, doing, building, and executing—so you can lead your business on the path to consistent, durable growth.

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"We’ll focus on the process. Focus on the work. Focus on each other. Focus on winning for our clients and partners – those who’ve taken a material chance on us. This focus is what brings joy. Winning is a game of inches driven by curiosity, empathy, deep focus on problems and solutions and teamwork. When we do this right – the inch by inch work – the fruit will be the human journey (ZTer’s, clients and partners), the opportunity to build true craft in our practice areas, and the opportunity to lead the quality life that craft excellence enables us to lead. The real fruit is not the destination and is not in the ego stroking pats on the back you will receive by many well-meaning friends when we “finish”. We’re convinced the focus on the destination and the deep desires of the human ego to be recognized for this journey are, in fact, the toxins that kill its real joy and, frankly, ruin lives. We’re convinced the mountaintop is far less fulfilling than the journey of 1,000 miles to get there. We’re convinced the joy is in the struggle of building something great. Let’s go on this journey. Together. "


Brian Cahak, Founder

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